The connection between steroid use & hair loss, and health problems

In the recent days, the use of steroid has increased constantly among those people who want to build their bodies. Those who have used these steroids have constantly experience hair loss thus making it among the best options for enhancing health.

How use of steroids do causes hair loss?

Here is how the use of steroids can cause hair loss:

The science behind the steroids and hair loss is very simple. Most steroids contain a hormone called dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for balding. When you use these steroids, this hormone is produced together with other male hormones thus making it very easy for you to lose your hair. In addition, when the level of male hormones increase in the body, the chances that he will lose his air are higher. With an increased level of dihydrotestosterone hormones in the body, you should be sure that your chances of hair loss would be increased.

With an increase in the androgens amounts in your body, your body will start releasing more dihydrotestosterone. Since an accumulation will occur, the body will alter its chemistry significantly thus leading to hair loss. The same process also happens for women who use these steroids when enhancing their performance.

For a person to reduce the level of dihydrotestosterone in the body, they have to reduce the amount of steroids in the body thus reducing the side effects associated with balding or loss of hair in the body. In addition, people who experience such complications should always seek for help from experts whenever they need to get the best options whenever they need the best solution on how to avoid these effects of steroids even as you improve your health.

What are the health problems associated with steroid use?

Many people (both men and women) using these steroids often lack information on the side effects since many of them often concentrate on the immediate positive results while ignoring the long side effects.

Here are some of the health problems linked with the use of steroids:

In men, anabolic steroids can cause:

· Reduce sperm count in men.

· Shrink men’s testicles.

· Increase in hair loss in the body

· May make you not to be in a position to father children.

· Enlarge men’s breasts.

In women, anabolic steroids can cause:

· Increase body hair in the body.

· Make skin of women rough.

· Decrease the size of women’s breast.

· Enlarge their clitoris.

· Deepen their voice.

In both men as well as women, anabolic steroids can sometimes cause:

· High blood pressure, stroke or even heart attack

· Higher bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and lower good cholesterol (HDL) levels.

· Liver disease and even livercancer. The likelihood of these problems is always higher when a person uses steroids taken as a pill.

· Oily skin, male-pattern hair loss and acne

· Skin infections, which can become severe in any case the drug had bacteria.

· Irritability, aggression, violence, rage, uncontrolled high amounts of energy (mania), addiction and false beliefs (delusions).

In conclusion, the information should give you facts on the connection between steroid use and hair loss, and the health problems associated with steroid use.

The Drought in California

Drought is a natural calamity that no single human being can have control over, but only measures can be put to help mitigate its side effects. This time round it has visited one of the biggest states in the United States of America. California is currently facing one of the harsh droughts on records. This prompted Governor Brown to declare a state of emergency in January 17, 2015 and instructed all the state leaders to take all required measures to get ready for water shortages. Credit must be given to where it is due; the government of California deserves some credit in this case. This is because the state under the leadership of Governor Brown, has consistently led the way to ensure California is capable of coping with an unprecedented drought.

One of the actions that the state has taken to ensure that the effects of drought are mitigated is the setting up of emergency salinity barrier on Delta Channel. The California Department of Water Resources (DWR), in consultation with other government agencies like federal and state water and wildlife, has moved to set up an emergency, impermanent rock barrier through the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta channel. This emergency barrier on the delta is set to be removed after six months.

The rock that will be installed across the delta will act as a salinity barrier as it will aide in preventing the tidal push of salty water from San-Francisco Bay into the Delta at the centre. The barrier will majorly consist of a pile of rocks which are of basketball size that will be put across the 750 feet wide channel that will still allow minimal water flow towards upper stream and lower stream depending on the tides.

Keeping salty water at the middle of the Delta is prioritized because a large amount of the california’s fresh water supply is flowing through the delta. The rock would aide in preventing the salt water contamination of fresh water supplies which is currently acting as the major source of water especially during these hard times of severe drought.

Other measures that have been put forward by the state to help mitigate the impacts of the drought in California, is the construction of huge water desalination plant in the Western Hemisphere in San Diego. The $1 billion plant is being built by a privately owned company that will be able to suck one hundred million gallons of water each day from Pacific ocean, then strip out the salt from the sucked water through the use of a well designed filtration system and turn the water into fifty million gallons that will be used by the residents for drinking and other domestic purposes.

Finally in as much as the state officials are doing whatever humanly possible to help mitigate the effects of drought like the death of animals, dehydration and dying crops that will immensely affect the economy of California, the construction of desalination plant is not a permanent solution. It has also got some negative effects like harming the marine life. Therefore, residents are also urged to properly use the little available fresh water properly.

How to Choose the Best Hotel for Your Stay on Your Next Trip

Whether you are going on a business trip, a leisure trip, a romantic getaway or a family trip, where you stay determines the success of the trip greatly. If you want to have a successful trip and come back home with no regrets, then it is advisable to take your time to book the right hotel for you during the planning process. With so many hotels advertising themselves as the best and putting up heavenly photos on their websites, it might not be so easy to decide on which one suits you best. It can get quite overwhelming but this need not worry you anymore. Here are some tips for travelers picking a hotel. These will help you to not just get the best hotel in the destination of choice but to be able to choose the one that suits your desires most.

Understand the trip’s goals

The accommodation that will suit a person travelling for a business trip will not suit a person travelling for leisure. These are two sorts of trips with very different goals. It is very important to understand the type of trip you intend to have. Maybe it is a business trip but you intend to set aside some time for leisure; your accommodation needs for such a trip will differ very much from those of a person with strictly business goals. Whereas a trip with the aim of business will necessitate accommodation that does not need to have many amenities, a leisure trip needs to have the best amenities there can be so relaxation can be achieved to the maximum. The goals of a trip need to match the place of stay so as to save on unnecessary spending on accommodation when not warranted for.

Budget time and money

A budget will help you allocate resources and time necessary for the trip. Plan on how much time and money you intend to spend on travelling, food, accommodation, souvenirs and so on. This will help you determine out of the money you have at hand, how much you can actually spend on booking a hotel for your stay. Knowing how much you intend to spend, you can then begin searching for the best hotels offering the amenities you need within your budgetary constraints. This is a very important stage of choosing the right hotel for you without which you may end up spending too much on getting a hotel and have less money to enjoy the rest of your trip.

Do thorough research

With all the considerations on what you want in mind, it is time to research. Go through all available online directories of hotels in your destination of choice. Consider the ratings of the hotels you find there, their services and amenities and whether they suit you or not. From these directories, then visit their websites to get deeper insight into the hotels’ amenities and for a quote of the expected expenditure will you book a room with them. Be sure to look at what other travelers have to say about them in online reviews. Most probably your experience will be no different from what they had. Be sure to understand everything about a hotel before booking with them so you have no regrets later on.

Ways to prevent pest control problems during home construction

best way to protect the new homeFall is going all out and with it, the typical creature movement around your home. Contingent upon the area you live, you may begin to notice the distinctive indications of such critters in and about your yard. Apparently safe at first and foremost, these could-be hairy critters can really bring about a considerable measure more harm to your property than you anticipate. Here are a few approaches to shield your home from the harm that little animals can bring about.

Gutter Maintenance<1h2>

A standout amongst the most essential things that a mortgage holder can do to ensure their house is to be careful about drain support. Winged creatures and different creatures could take to settling in unkempt gutters and the flotsam and jetsam they abandon keeps them from working, as they ought to. A decent general guideline is to outwardly examine your gutters in any event twice a month, year round.

Clean out any leaves and garbage that may have gathered and test them before the blustery season. Completely working drains are vital to avoiding rooftop harm and establishment water harm. Make a point to additionally outwardly examine the gutters while its raining to guarantee the downspouts are coordinating water well far from your home’s establishment and that water isn’t pooling exorbitantly in single territories.


Another vital figure the upkeep of your home speculation is to take sharp perception of the finishing encompassing your property. Despite the fact that greenery, greenery and very much set trees help to add to the estimation of your home, these same trees and greenery, when left unkempt, can house little irritations, for example, squirrels and rodents. Make a point not to let the grass congest and fare thee well to trim shrubberies and branches routinely.

A kept yard is the best impediment to keeping these little creatures from building homes in your yard. In spite of the fact that it may appear a safe thought to impart your space to forest animals, squirrels can really wreak devastation to your home by shorting electrical circuits, biting on wires and notwithstanding stockpiling nourishment in crawlspaces. They additionally convey different irritations, for example, bugs and ticks that could turn into a genuine aggravation for your pets and spread illness.

Yard Treatments

Indeed, even with the most wary measures, your yard and home may at present get to be inclined to different irritations, for example, bugs and creepy crawlies, and also insects and ticks. Fare the well to treat your home and your yard when you perceive the issue. A ton of the times, the best cure is preventive support and being proactive.

A few do-it-without anyone else’s help units are accessible for mortgage holders at your nearby home change store, on the other hand, on the off chance that you perceive that the issue may be escaping from hand, dependably call an expert. Irritation control, while some of the time sufficiently basic to do yourself, can be perilous and includes the utilization of brutal chemicals. Continuously read the guidelines and take after security headings before utilization.

To build your home to prevent pest control problems, safeguard measures are generally the best resistance against any undesirable harm. Dealing with your home and your yard and ensuring it against little creatures, bugs and different critters will help to guarantee the best personal satisfaction and keep your property estimation from diminishing.

The Best Way to Start Making Your Very Own Clothes

Have you ever thought about making your own clothes? Doesn’t it feel good to be able to make clothes based on your mood and feelings, all the while saving a ton of money from all the shopping? Even though that sounds quite exciting, it’s not as easy as you might think! Obviously making clothes requires a lot of time and effort and in this article we’re going to find out the best way to create your very own clothes!

First you need to know what type of clothes you are already wearing by simply looking in your wardrobes. You will surely invest a lot of your time when you make your own clothes and there’s absolutely no point in making dresses if you never wear dresses! And then another tip is looking at magazines and get some information as well as inspiration from the current trends, and what things you are really interested in.

That will help you a lot when you go to choose fabrics and patterns. When you’ve got everything together you’d like to put them in some kind of a small board, with shapes that you’re searching for and little images you’re interested in. There are tons of patterns on the market and by knowing precisely what you’re looking for, you can effectively limit down all the choices.

Otherwise, chances are you would spend hours and even days looking for the right patterns. A great way to look for patterns or contemporary style, is to look for a magazines – for example – BurdaStyle, which has a wide variety of patterns and also shapes for each season. Once you’ve decided which patterns to go with, it’s time to finally form your very own wardrobe.

For instance, if you like to wear dresses and you’ve got some nice dress patterns that you can use over and over again; you can use them all year long and once you’ve made it up you can work on the nuances of the patterns, and get used to that. In other words, once you’ve bought your favorite pattern you’ll need to do a little bit of work. Pay attention to the back of your pattern, as this will tell what fabric is suitable and how much fabric you’ll need for this project.

One of the most important things about making clothes using patterns is they are not the same size as the normal, ready-to-wear clothes. With that said, be prepared that you going to have a much bigger garment than the size that you usually find in shops. This is a totally different system, therefore check your body measurements before deciding which pattern fits you best.

You’re also going to have shapes and tissue templates inside your pattern. There’s an instruction booklet here that shows everything you need to know to start making this specific pattern. So don’t rush! Just sit down for a few minutes, read the instructions, diagrams, and get a sense of what you’re about to do before actually begin to cut it out.

You should feel a little guilty about being over excited and cutting something out immediately! Remember that this is definitely worth it, so really take you time and read through carefully. And that’s really the best way to make your very own clothes. Have your patterns ready by looking at your own wardrobes and magazines; decide for yourself which is the perfect one in terms of shapes and sizes and finally turn them into the clothes that you’ve always wanted!

Bed Bugs

Bedbugs are oval shaped insects that do feed exclusively on human blood. They can grow up to 4.5 mm and are brown in color but when full with blood they become deep brown. They belong to the insect family called cimicid family. It got its name bed bug due to its natural habitat as it dwells in beds of human being. Bed bugs are the best fast runners in the insect family in case you never knew. They come out at night between 10 PM and 6 AM when most people are asleep and therefore detecting them can be harder.

Bedbug siege can cause a lot of discomfort in your home making living cumbersome. Your dwelling can be infested with bedbugs through a number of ways. In case neighboring homes are infested with bed bugs, in case you bring in infested pieces of furniture into your home like beds or sofas or even you receive a neighbor carrying luggage that with bed bugs. You need to be careful in receiving luggage from visitors or buying second hand furniture anyhow in the market or from neighbors. Bed bugs reproduce at an alarming. Did you also know that they can attach their eggs on your clothing? This is too bad you are in a meeting then realize you carry bed bug eggs! Ideally, they are among the greatest travelers and they can go far with you in a single day. Bed Bugs prefer living in dark places, under couches, under mattresses, carpets, paintings and in between bed frames. Bed bugs love causing embarrassment as they do not behave. They can emerge out of your shirt or trousers when in public causing a lot of shame, too bad.

Bed bugs exist to feed on human blood and their mouth is adapted to pierce slowly into your skin and suck blood. This is when you are fully asleep and you won’t realize this. You can realize their existence by noting presence of blood in mattresses or irritating or itching skin. They do change their color as they feed on human blood. Newly hatched bed bugs are lighter in color and become browner as they near maturity. Adult bed bugs do survive within a wide range of temperatures even below 16 degrees. When killed, they can produce a very bad smell. They are aggressive for blood and too much infestation can relocate you from your home.

Treatment and control of bed bugs vary depending on the type of infestation. In case you suspect bed bug infestation in your home, you can contact a licensed bed bug controller to aid you eliminate the devastating insects. When treating and controlling bedbugs, careful inspection and analysis of their hiding places and neighboring rooms must be done to ensure that they are fully eradicated. Chemical and non-chemical means can be used to treat and control bed bugs. Vacuuming and steaming are some of the non-chemical methods of eradicating bed bugs. They have flattened body and can fit into crevices quite well. It is recommended to practice good housekeeping practices to avoid instances of bed bug siege. Immense infestation can not only result into discomfort but also cause related cases of iron deficiency, bulbous eruptions and anaphylaxis among many more reported effects.

Side Effects of Saw Plametto and Finasteride for Hair Loss

Effects of Saw Plametto and Finasteride

Effects of Saw Plametto and FinasterideIt is estimated that approximately 50-150 hairs can be lost from a single head each day. If this loss occurs in an abnormally high rate, or if your hair replacement occurs at an abnormally slow rate, then you can become bald gradually. About 95% of all the hair loss cases are as a result of androgenic alopecia. Fortunately there are lots of hair loss treatments in the market to help solve this problem. Most common ones include saw plametto and finasteride. Most of these treatments react differently on different individuals. It is therefore important to consider knowing side effects of saw palmetto and finasteride before use.

Finasteride, marketed under brand names Proscar or Procecia, is arguable the largest prescription cure for hair loss. Saw palmetto on the other hand is the most common herbal treatment for hair loss. Between the two, it is only Finasteride that has the backing and approval of US body for Drug and Administration as a viable way to combat hair loss. Many people prefer saw palmetto over finasteride due to the latter’s widely published side effects.

DHT and Hair Loss

Hair loss is accredited to a hormone known as DHT.Your body produces an enzyme known as 5-alpha-reductase which is responsible for converting your testosterone into DHT that in turn attachesitself to your hair follicle. Over time, it shrinks the follicle until it can’t produce visible hair anymore.

Finasteride (Propecia)

It was initially developed for enlarged prostate treatment. Hair growth was its side effects and then in 1997, FDAintroduced it as atreatment for hairloss after conducting thorough medical trials. It works by hindering the conversion of testosterone hormones into DHT. Research by American Hair Loss Association indicates that propecia can reduce DHT level up to 60% if taken on a daily basis.

Side effects

This hair treatment method is believed to be marred with side effects that has been highly published. Some of the most common side effects include:

-Erectile dysfunction

-Low semen count

-Libido reduction

Before using finasteride, ask your doctor or pharmacist if your medical history allows you to adopt this hair loss medication method. The doctor needs to go through your medical details if they have to give you the right advice on whether to apply this medication, and how. Some very important medical details include those on liver disease,urinary problems, prostate cancer, bladder muscle disorder, your urethral structure and infections. Avoid giving it to children.

Saw Palmetto

It is a herb that is widely used in Europe for prostate treatment. Research indicates that saw palmetto supplement is very useful in managing hair loss and subsequently stopping it completely. Its other famous names include Sabul Fructus, and Palmier Scie. Just like Procecia, saw palmetto is also believed to hinder the DHT production. However, saw palmetto has no substantial clinical studies that support its claims as a cure for hair loss. It hasn’t been tasted by FDA to identify its strengths and has been reported to have side effects.

Side Effects

The side effects are minor and include:

-Gastrointestinal irritations


-Diarrhea or constipation


Any supplement can come with adverse effects, and that is why it is always advisable that you seek your physician’s advice first before you adopt any of these hair loss treatments. If precaution is taken, their chances of providing a positive result is higher. Make sure you follow your doctor’s advice and avoid your own prescriptions.